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Are You Throwing a Party?
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Waiter on the Way!
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Our fabulous wait staff will help you to fulfill the vision you have for your party and tremendously lighten your work load.
“We Soothe your concerns away and make throwing a party feel like fun and play!”

We offer the following services:
Kitchen Preparations
Fine Dining Table Service
Buffet Table Service
Passing Appetizers
Traying Cocktails
Coat Check Service

Party Hosts
Party Poetry (custom written)
us to help you pamper your guests:
Whether it is for your home or for an office party, you will be delighted to see how Waiter On the Way is your perfect answer for a holding a fabulous and memorable event.
We send you our multi talented front line miracle workers to help pamper your guest and we are available for any imaginable kind of party under the moon.
Are you having a Theme Party? Let us know and your server can arrive dressed for it…
It could be a 50s’ bop or a hippie sixties party. Maybe it is a private party for a few cherished friends or a playful Hollywood or Hawaiian themed party? Perhaps you will want someone to dress up as a favourite fantasy character for your children’s birthday party? Whatever the event, we are happy to dress up to please and match your theatrical vision!
"We love bringing
our beautiful energy to your parties."
At Waiter On
The Way, we pride ourselves at having truly friendly and adaptable
personalities. We will go with your flow or help you adjust the mood. We quite simply have a gift for helping you to mold the mood of your party. If you want the guests dancing, we can get them going, if you prefer an elegant and subtle approach we can provide this or if you want a Dramatic Flair, we are more than happy to please you!
Talk to Us
Tell us about what you are planning to do and your server will arrive dressed up right for the occasion in character. No matter what you are
planning, our professional and awesome wait staff will contribute much to the ambience of your celebration.
Wait Staff Rates
$20.00 per hour for each wait staff member dressed in either casual or
traditional black and white waiter attire.
$25.00 per hour for a waiter arriving dressed up in a costume
(We recommend one wait staff person for every 10 to 12 people)
Extra Extra! Party Poetry (priceless fun)
Our creative team will write Custom Poetry for the honoured guest and your Wait staff can recite it for them too if you wish.

Let us know if you are interested in adding this finishing touch to your perfect party. If so you simply call us or email us telling us about the person and some of the things you would like to have said and our talented and creative staff will turn it into a humorous and touching poem for your guest of honour for only $99.00

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